TweakEast Botox Injection

First time getting ‘Botox’ – What to expect

The Consultation

Botulinum toxin is a prescription medicine. This means that a face-to-face consultation is necessary prior to any treatment. Here, your practitioner will discuss:

  • what you are looking to achieve
  • what areas will be targeted
  • how it will work and how long it will last
  • risks and side effects

We will then perform assessment of your skin and discuss your individual treatment options. In most cases, there is an option to go ahead with treatment on the same day.

Skincare will also discussed during your consultation as this goes hand in hand with injectable treatments to achieve optimal results.

Before your arrival, it is important to complete a medical form. This can be found in your SMS reminder alongside some preparation advice prior to injections.

The Treatment Process

1) Photos will be taken of your expressions (for example frowning) and with a neutral expression. These photos are important for comparison once the results settle in and will be stored on your client record.

2) Your practitioner will ask you to complete a consent form

3) We will cleanse your skin and draw on injection points which will be unique to your individual anatomy and expressions.

4) Injections will be performed with a small needle. This process often takes 2-3 minutes.

5) Your practitioner will advise you on aftercare instructions following the treatment. You will also receive a written aftercare document via email.

6) Your skin will have some small red bumps, which often settle after 1-2 hours. In some cases, there may be small bruises around the injection sites.

7) A review will be booked 2-3 weeks after your treatment. Here we will assess your response to the treatment and a top up injection will be offered if appropriate

Marking up prior to botox