Price List

Prices below will be effective from the 1st October 2023



Face to face consultation. Payable on booking. Non-refundable.

Virtual Skincare Consultation


You will receive £15 of redeemable credit to purchase your recommended skincare products.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

From £210

Subject to consultation.

Masseter Botox


Subject to consultation.

RF Microneedling


3-4 treatments recommended with 4-6 weeks between each treatment. Single maintenance session recommended biannually.

Lip Augmentation 0.5ml


Lip Augmentation 1.0ml


Cheek Augmentation

From £295

Chin & Jawline Augmentation

From £295

Nose Augmentation


Tear Trough Augmentation



£275 per treatment

3 sessions advised, 1 month apart between each treatment. Maintenance treatment recommended bi-annually. Package of 3 treatments when booked together - £750.



2 sessions required, 3-4 weeks between treatments. Price includes two treatments. £300 per session if booked individually.

'Gummy Smile' Treatment


Subject to consultation


£250 per treatment

Between 2 and 6 treatments required, each one month apart.